November 9, 2018
General News,

The experts are predicting a lot, hot and drier than average summer for 2018. If the heatwave we just experienced is anything to go on… well…

However, The Cool Shop and Daikin have a cooling solution for every type of home, and we understand how important it is for energy efficiency and the economical running of your electrical appliances, especially an air conditioner, in this current economic climate. We all want to be cool and comfortable, without it costing the earth!

Even if you live where temperatures are extreme, you’ll probably want a combination of both heating in winter and cooling in summer. With new climate records being set throughout Australia each year, choosing the right air conditioning solution will turn your home into an oasis of comfort, all day, every day. Most contemporary air conditioning systems have reverse-cycle technology. This means they can heat and cool your home. In fact, every air conditioner in the Daikin range offers both heating and cooling options. This includes our Split System, Multi-Split and Ducted air conditioning systems, depending on whether you wish to control the temperature in just a few rooms or throughout your entire home.

Likewise, as the mercury rises, a Daikin reverse cycle air conditioner absorbs heat from the inside air and disperses it outside, leaving your home the perfect chill-out zone. If you’re in the tropics, you’ll love the fact that advanced Daikin technology finds it a breeze to cool your home, even when it gets up to 46 ºC.

Remember, cool air is heavier than warm. So, when you’re looking for the ideal position for your air conditioner, install it as close to the ceiling as possible. For cool air, point the louvres upward or horizontally and for warm air, direct the louvres down towards the people in the room.

Save money with MEPS

What’s MEPS we hear you ask? It simply means Minimum Energy Performance Standards and you can rest assured that our complete Daikin range not only complies with, they exceed the Australian MEPS requirements.

Daikin have also build in loads of great features into their Split System air conditioning systems to save you money, including Econo Mode and a Standby Power function. When it comes to Daikin Ducted systems, Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) control gently adjusts your room temperature throughout the day, giving you the ultimate balance of efficiency and comfort and making sure you only use the exact amount of power that you need.

Don’t delay any longer, get a Daikin in your home today.