Looking For Domestic Bliss This Winter? Get The Best in Town

May 21, 2019
General News,

It’s that time of year again when things slow down for everybody. Winter is upon us, and by all appearances it’s going to be a cold and wet one this year.

The Sunshine Coast’s premier air conditioning installation company, The Cool Shop, has been working feverishly on many commercial projects around the local area as well as installing ducted air conditioning systems and split systems in homes all over the region. This time of year we are normally quietening down, but The Cool Shop, in partnership with Daikin, are still heating things up on the Sunshine Coast.

Offering you only the best air conditioning products and professionally conducted installations, The Cool Shop and Daikin will keep your home in a state of bliss this winter.

We have recently expanded our team, employing 2 new Trade mechanics and 3 new apprentices, so the domestic and commercial markets are now well and truly serviced by The Cool Shop.

When only the best will do, quality assured, the Cool Shop and Daikin are an excellent choice for your home. Create your own domestic bliss – get the Cool Shop to install a new aircon before the Summer rolls around again. Stay Warm, stay happy, stay comfortable and get a fantastic winter deal at the same time!