Dry mode for Humid Days

March 24, 2021
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Rain, Rain, Rain + Hot days = Humidity= EXCESS MOISTURE IN YOUR HOME

It certainly teemed down with rain over past few days- we hope all our customers are safe and your properties undamaged. Our thoughts are with those further south that suffered great losses during the “rain bomb”.

Following such a downpour, if your home is feeling damp and moist, you may want to run the air conditioner on DRY mode for a will to help pull the excess moisture out of the air in your home, helping it to dry out faster.  This can help prevent mould growing on your hard surfaces… nobody likes mould! It also fights against common allergy triggers, such as dust mites, mould and mildew which thrive in an excessively humid environment. In addition, it can produce minor or serious damage – such as rust or corrosion – to your electronic devices or home appliances.

Aircon Dry Mode

The dry mode in the air conditioner consumes far less energy than the cool mode, as the main purpose is to reduce the level of moisture in the air. Humidity, or the amount of moisture in the air, feels to the skin like an increase in temperature. When both high temperatures and humidity are present, the interior of a room often feels unbearable. A dry mode is a valuable tool for when the weather is humid but not necessarily too hot.

The dry mode works by sucking moisture out of the air so that the air becomes comfortable. Humid air is taken into the unit and dried on the evaporator. It is then released back into the room as dry air. The dry mode can save significant amounts of money and energy when used correctly. It cannot replace a dehumidifier; as it does not eliminate all moisture from the room, instead it keeps it at a relatively comfortable 42% to 58% humidity.

The dry mode does not blow out cold air, such as in cool mode, but the feeling is that of a cooler room by releasing dry air. As the Sunshine Coast can be humid for much of the year (even in winter!), the dry mode can be extremely beneficial for many families. Try using dry mode during the muggiest hours of the day, when humidity levels are between 65% and 85%.

For Wall Mounted Split Systems, Dry mode is the Drop symbol on your remote. Refer to the Operation manual for further instructions.


For Daikin Ducted Systems with the Daikin wired wall controller, simply press the mode button until the Dry mode is displayed on the LCD screen. Refer to your Operation Manual for further instructions.

If you feel clammy, sweaty or tired because of the high humidity levels, the “dry mode” will be your friend in need without dramatically lowering the thermostat settings on your air conditioner.

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