Sunshine Coast air conditioners


Is it time to replace or upgrade your air-conditioning system in your home? The Cool Shop offers no obligation free quotes across the entire Sunshine Coast region. No matter what the season, summer or winter, hot or cold, The Cool Shop can provide you and your family with all your cooling and heating needs.

At The Cool Shop, Sunshine Coast air conditioning is our speciality. We supply, install, service and repair such a range of air conditioners that you need not look elsewhere. Daikin, one of our major air conditioner suppliers, is a leading brand in the world of heating and cooling. Such suppliers ensure our customers know they are getting a great product.

At The Cool Shop we are experts in everything air conditioning, from reverse cycles, to Sunshine Coast commercial systems and everything in between. We can also supply, install, service and repair bulkhead units and cassette systems.

The Cool Shop caters for year-round comfort, with an extensive range of reverse cycle air conditioning products and expertise. The range includes ducted air conditioning for clients across the Sunshine Coast, Daikin split system air conditioners, and multi split systems. Our tradesmen pride themselves on their workmanship and service, and we do everything we can to ensure a satisfied customer after every job.

Reverse Cycle

A reverse cycle air conditioner can heat as well as cool, and will have you prepared for whatever conditions the Sunshine Coast throws at you – at work or at home. At The Cool Shop, we are a Sunshine Coast Daikin reverse cycle air conditioner specialist. A Daikin reverse cycle air conditioning system, planned and...

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Bulkhead Units

Bulkhead air conditioner units are ideal for properties with tight ceiling spaces. But they do not lack in the energy efficient, quiet and effective characteristics similar to that of split system air conditioners. Bulkhead air conditioners fit inside the ceiling space to blend in with the room decor. The only visible part is their discharge...

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Cassette Systems

A cassette air conditioner operates very similar to a wall-mounted split system air conditioner. The major difference is that cassette air conditioning is installed in the ceiling as opposed to mounted on a wall. Cassette units sit snugly in your ceiling rather than taking up wall or floor space. They distribute conditioned air from the...

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Commercial Systems

The Cool Shop is your business’s destination for Sunshine Coast commercial air conditioning. We are a supplier of Daikin commercial air conditioning, with a range of state-of-the-art products to provide year-round, reliable comfort for your commercial space. Daikin VRV (variable refrigerant volume) is an energy efficient climate management solution, commercially applied to maximise comfort and...

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