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The best ducted air conditioning systems for the Sunshine Coast…

Summer is coming. It’s going to be a scorcher. Best time to get your ducted air conditioning system installed is NOW!!

Our team at The Cool Shop can expertly install your new ducted system in 5-6hours. (T & C’s apply). Give the local Sunshine Coast Daikin Ducted Air conditioning experts a call or email us before it’s too late and you and your family start mellltiiinnnggg….

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When it comes to temperature control throughout your home or business, there’s nothing quite like the whole-building comfort provided by our Sunshine Coast ducted air conditioning. Ducted air conditioning systems provide thorough and effective air conditioning in all rooms of your home or business. At The Cool Shop, we are the Sunshine Coast’s specialists in ducted air conditioning, supplying top-of-the-line Daikin systems.

Daikin ducted air conditioning systems are flexible and efficient. They can be set to operate in different parts of your home or business at different times of the day. For example; at home on a hot summer’s day, you can cool the living area during the day, and bedrooms at night – the best comfort solution.

For more information onĀ Daikin ducted air conditioning systems see this brochure.

Daikin Ducted Diagram

Our professional team at The Cool Shop will generally install the indoor component of your Daikin ducted system in your ceiling or under your floor. The compressor itself is installed outside. The ducted air conditioning system then transmits the conditioned air through flexible ductwork and out vents located around your home or office.

At The Cool Shop, we provide ducted air conditioning sales and installation across the Sunshine Coast for existing buildings, or we consult with customers during their planning or construction phase. We will help map out the best Daikin ducted system for their new property. Daikin ducted reverse cycle air conditioners provide the ideal heating and cooling solutions for any property, commercial or residential, new or old. And at The Cool Shop, not only do we provide the highest-quality sales and installation, but we pride ourselves on our follow-up Sunshine Coast air conditioner repairs, servicing and maintenance.

Daikin’s Inverter technology ducted systems have a long list of benefits, including:

  • Single-phase power supply reducing installation costs
  • Powerful but quiet operation
  • Electronic system control
  • Compact design
  • Long piping for flexible installation
  • Hot start feature
  • Night quiet mode
  • Certified to operate in temperatures as low as -15 degrees Celsius, and up to 46 degrees Celsius
  • Outdoor unit is salt damage and corrosion resistant

For more information on Daikin ducted air conditioning systems see this brochure.

There are quite a few options available in the market today for zone control systems. You can choose from your basic zone control, or you can choose to integrate the latest technology into your ducted system. Read more…

The Cool Shop uses and recommends the My Air Controller and technology, seamlessly integrating with your Iphone, Android or Google Home systems. Complete control of your families comfort in one tablet, giving you ultimate control over each zones temperature settings, air flow and power.

My Air 5 Ducted Option Zone example

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