Sunshine Coast underfloor heating systems

At The Cool Shop there’s a reason why we specialise in underfloor heating ahead of other heating models – efficiency. Conventional heating systems produce uneven heat, which means the highest temperatures are above you in the ceiling while you pay for the lost energy. Warm air rises, so why not install your heating source beneath your feet?

With The Cool Shop, you will not only get a great Coldbuster underfloor heating system, but you will get meticulous installation and great follow-up underfloor heating service and repairs across the Sunshine Coast.

Coldbuster under tile heating kits are best installed on, or fitted to, suspended timber or concrete sub-floors. The underfloor heating system will provide optimal results if operating beneath most hard surfaces including ceramic tiles, slate, porcelain, limestone, marble, terracotta, wood, laminate, vinyl and stone.

Coldbuster’s unique underfloor heating system design guarantees a gentle, even heat across the floor surface. Electric floor heating installations have traditionally been complicated and therefore time consuming, messy and expensive. But The Cool Shop specialises in Coldbuster under tile heating installation and will take the stress and labour expenses out of your system installation.

The Cool Shop’s Sunshine Coast under tile heating systems are suitable for a wide range of needs and property types. Coldbuster systems have been used across the country for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. These include stand-alone residences and apartments, churches, public halls and building, aged-care facilities, schools and universities.

A Coldbuster heating system supplied and installed by The Cool Shop is also ideal for renovators. The 1.5-millimetre thin heating element is fitted to the sub-floor directly under the floor surface. This means there is no need for raising floor levels.

The Cool Shop’s Coldbuster underfloor heating systems are an ideal, efficient and affordable option for your Sunshine Coast heating needs. Contact us today to organise a quote, or you can request a quote here.