Why Daikin has Sunshine Coast cooling covered

March 22, 2016
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As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to investing in your Sunshine Coast air conditioning system. The best products yield the best results, are more economical, efficient and environmentally friendly. When looking for these characteristics in an affordable and reliable system, look no further than Daikin air conditioning. At The Cool Shop, we put our name to Daikin for a reason, we believe their systems are the best on the market.

Reverse cycle air conditioning is just one field where we believe Daikin leads the market. A Daikin reverse cycle air conditioning system is one of the more economical and effective ways to cool or heat your home or building using electricity. At The Cool Shop, we are a Sunshine Coast Daikin reverse cycle air conditioner specialist. Not only do we swear by the products we provide, we know them inside and out when it comes to installation, servicing and repairs.

Advanced Daikin technology means the reverse cycle systems can work in temperatures up to 46 degrees Celsius, conditions which aren’t completely out of the question during a Sunshine Coast summer. Daikin reverse cycle systems can heat or cool, and will absorb heat from outside to warm the air inside – an energy efficient way to heat your home. They can also remove heat from the inside air, leaving your home cooler.

Daikin reverse cycle air conditioning is renowned for its flexible and efficient ducted systems and split systems. Ducted systems are ideal for whole-home or business temperature control. Daikin split systems are efficient and provide concentrated temperature control. They come in discreet wall-mounted models, compact floor consoles or versatile floor or ceiling units.

At The Cool Shop, we firmly believe there is a Daikin air conditioning system for almost every need and when you buy Daikin, you are getting a market leading product and value for money.