Bulkhead air conditioning units

Bulkhead air conditioner units are ideal for properties with tight ceiling spaces. But they do not lack in the energy efficient, quiet and effective characteristics similar to that of split system air conditioners. Bulkhead air conditioners fit inside the ceiling space to blend in with the room decor. The only visible part is their discharge grills, which means they are unobtrusive, and each unit has a wireless remote control.

The Cool Shop is a supplier of market-leading Daikin bulkhead air conditioners. Our professional team will consult with you about your Sunshine Coast air conditioning needs to determine what system suits you best. If your home best lends itself to a bulkhead air conditioner, we have a range of indoor bulkhead units available. The variety of units we provide means The Cool Shop can easily find a bulkhead air conditioner to suit individual room decors and preferences.

The most recent models of Daikin outdoor bulkhead air conditioner units have been designed and manufactured with the latest technologies for energy-saving performance and quiet operation.

Daikin bulkhead air conditioning DC inverter power control allows the air conditioning unit to function at low capacity most of the time. This is a big plus for when you and your family are trying to sleep at night. The power control also copes well under heavy load, allowing all the indoor units to operate simultaneously for long periods.

At The Cool Shop, we are experts in every aspect of Sunshine Coast bulkhead air conditioning. Our high-performing Daikin and Toshiba products are reliable, robust and efficient. Once we have professionally installed your unit, our follow-up air conditioner repairs and servicing is second to none. See our brochure for more information on the systems or request a bulkhead air conditioner quote from us.

daikin bulkhead reverse cycle air conditioning system

daikin bulkhead reverse cycle air conditioning system