The Cool Shop air conditioning FAQ

frequently asked questions about air conditioning

Here we would like to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about air conditioning.

What areas does The Cool Shop Service?

We are Sunshine Coast Daikin air conditioner specialists and we travel across the entire region. It doesn’t matter where on the Sunshine Coast you want a Daikin air conditioner, The Cool Shop can supply and install it for you. We service Caloundra, Noosa, Mooloolaba, Alexandra Headland and Maroochydore districts. We can also service and repair your Daikin air conditioner throughout the Sunshine Coast.

What brand air conditioners does The Cool Shop recommend?

We are supplied by market-leading air conditioning brands including Daikin air conditioners, Toshiba and Advantage Air. The Cool Shop specialises in these systems, particularly Sunshine Coast Daikin air conditioners. Our staff know these products inside out. We can supply, install, service and repair Daikin air conditioners as well as Toshiba and Advantage Air.

What different air conditioning options do I have from The Cool Shop?

At The Cool Shop we have the Sunshine Coast’s air conditioning needs covered both domestically and commercially. Reverse cycle air conditioning is a popular option we offer and includes ducted air conditioning, Daikin split systems and multi split systems. We also specialise in bulkhead systems and cassette systems. The Cool Shop also has the capacity to install air conditioning for Sunshine Coast commercial purposes, small or large. We can also work closely with builders and construction firms during the planning or building phase of a project.

How does a split system air conditioner work?

Split system air conditioning can control the temperature of an individual room or specific area. High-quality Daikin split systems from The Cool Shop come in wall-mounted models, floor consoles or versatile floor or ceiling units. The Daikin split system range provides versatility, with models available for cooling only, or reverse cycle heating and cooling. Therefore, there is a system to meet your Sunshine Coast air conditioning needs.

My ducted wall controller is saying “time to clean filter”. What do I do?

If your Daikin ducted wall controller is displaying the “time to clean filter”, there are 2 things you can do. 1. Clean the filter and reset the message using the instructions here.

2. IF you have cleaned the filter and the message is still displayed, your ducted air conditioner may be in need of a professional service. If you have not had it serviced for over 12 months, please give us a call and we will arrange a time to come out and service your air conditioner.

The MOST Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioning- is…

My air conditioner is not cooling and only blowing air. What do I do?

Whatever the type of air conditioning you have, sometimes things just stop working. The best thing to do is turn your system off at the main power or isolator switch and leave it off for 30 minutes. Turn the system back on and try the cooling mode again. Check the settings on your controller, make sure you’re in cooling mode, set the fan to AUTO. If this still makes no difference, then give us a call.

If your wall mounted indoor unit green power light is flashing, please follow these instructions to retrieve the error code via the remote controller. When you call us, please provide us with the error code (if any) as this helps us determine what parts are needed and we can get your air conditioner repaired sooner.

For ducted air conditioning issues, please follow these instructions and advise us of the error code.

If you have a MY AIR 5 digital control system, you will need to call us so we can advise Advantage Air and they will repair any issues under their own warranty system.

If you are unable to retrieve an error code and the resetting of the isolator has not worked, please give us a call or email us directly.



If you are unable to find a solution, please call us and we will see what we can do for you!