Stay warm this winter!

July 1, 2016
General News,

Feeling that winter chill? Want to keep warm but worried about the cost of running a heater? You need to talk to The Cool Shop team about reverse cycle heating systems. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Reverse cycle heating is one of the most cost effective means of electric heating. They are not only affordable to buy and install but are one of the most economical types of heating to run.

Reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling offers the ultimate in climate comfort, providing discreet temperature control for every room in your home or office.

We also have splits systemsmulti split systemsbulkhead units and cassette systems among our range of reverse cycle products.


So don’t drag out the old bar heater or invest in a cheap fan heater to ward off winter’s chill. Using those old-style heaters is a formula for minimal short-term gain and maximum long-term financial pain.

And remember, when summer returns you only need to push a button and you’re enjoying wonderful cool air again.home_solution_landing_split_0

Warm in winter, cool in summer. It’s that easy!

Contact us now so we can discuss your options and recommend the best product, whether it be reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling or a standard reverse cycle heating unit.

The Cool Shop. Keeping you warm from Noosa to Caloundra and everything in between.