It’s SummerTime- and Nearly Christmas!

October 14, 2020
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It’s pretty obvious that the Summer is here already, but… did you know it’s only about 10 weeks until Christmas? Whatttt? With everything going on this year, no doubt most of you have almost forgotten about Christmas.

Christmas… food, presents, holidays… lots and lots of guests… and HEAT and HUMIDITY!

Relatives may not be able to pop over so much this year due all the lockdowns and border restrictions, so don’t you think it would be the PERFECT year to get a new air conditioning system installed? Or upgrade your old tired one? That way your home will be ready for lots of family and relatives visiting next year…. and living here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast AND having a new, efficient and effective aircon installed will make YOUR turn to host the family get-togethers a breeze…

We know this year has been tough on many many families, small businesses and the Sunshine Coast community in general. That is why The Cool Shop has stocked up on the best brands of Air conditioners, ready to install them when you need it most. We also know how crazy busy it gets at this time of year for our industry and we would like for you to be cool BEFORE the heat hits!

Make your home the family heart this Summer, get an air conditioning system installed by your local small family business and be prepared for the hot Summer and the “rellies” to come….

Enquire today about the best cooling options for your home and get the experts to advise you directly.