So Cold!

June 22, 2021
General News,

It certainly has been a chilly start to winter this year! Brrr! Let’s call it what it is- ICY! I personally woke up to ice on my windscreen last week. Wow. Now that’s cold!

Many of us have dragged out those extra blankets, winter woolies, slippers and turned on the heaters. Heating a room, or your house, comfortably and economically can be difficult. Those old heaters can cost a fortune in power, and aren’t so good for the environment either!

You’ll be surprised to know that even cold winter air contains usable heat that you can pump inside your home. Daikin reverse-cycle technology absorbs this heat from the outside air to create a comfortable atmosphere inside. It’s easy to regulate so you enjoy just the warmth you want and it’s also more energy efficient than conventional heaters, which need to generate heat, rather than harnessing heat energy from the outside air to create warmth inside. And since they are one of the most economical air conditioners on the market today, you can run you split or ducted system for as long as you need to, without breaking the bank.

Another issue we encounter in Winter is EXCESS condensate from the outdoor unit. Please know that this is normal

Your air conditioning unit is heating your home during Winter. This means the indoor unit is blowing warm air throughout your home and raising the indoor temperature. The opposite is happening outside. During heating operation, the outdoor unit will actually cool, hence the name reverse cycle, and the outdoor coil will become quite cold. Due to low outdoor temperatures, the temperature of the outdoor unit coil will drop below the dew point temperature outside.


MAKE SURE YOUR OUTDOOR UNIT IS FREE OF DEBRIS. Any blockage of the air flow will cause excess condensate, and many other potential issues!

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What is dew point temperature?

Dew point is the temperature at which the air can no longer hold moisture, causing dew or condensation to form. Like pulling a cold bottle of water out from the fridge, the surface of the water bottle is colder than the dew point temperature of the ambient air. Eg. if the dew point temperature is 10 deg C and the bottle of water is 2 Deg C, condensation will form.

So why is there water?reverse cycle warm heating air con

As the outdoor unit coil drops in temperature and the dew point temperature is reached, water is pulled from the air and condenses on the coil itself. This water runs down the coil and pools in the bottom of the unit. Most air conditioning units will have small holes in the base plate which allows water to leave the bottom of the unit, preventing rust formation and flooding. If the unit has no drain connected, this water will just drip onto the ground and pool around the unit.

In a nutshell

  • Water pooling around a reverse cycle air conditioning outdoor unit is normal.
  • Excess water can be a symptom of a blocked outdoor coil. Check the back of your air conditioning unit for a buildup of dirt and/or debris.
  • Water from the outdoor air conditioning unit can be drained away with a drain kit or drain pan.
  • If you are are concerned about the amount of water, contact us to inspect the unit operation and outdoor unit location.

If you are concerned then give us a call.