Spring is in the Air…

August 11, 2021
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Daikin Split Air Conditioning.

Winter is fading, spring is arriving, and if that means allergies for you then Daikin has got you covered.

I don’t know about you, but I will certainly be glad to see the tail end of this winter! It was brutally cold some mornings and hardly warmed up during the day at all. Spring is just around the corner, and that means flowers, pollen, blossoming trees and plants everywhere. It’s beautiful, there’s no doubt about that. But… that can mean hay fever and allergies, asthma and other sinus problems. If you suffer from allergies, these issues can really take away your enjoyment of the warmer weather and impact your quality of life.

It’s not only the outdoor environment that can trigger an allergic reaction. The quality of air INSIDE your home is just as important… dust, mould, dust mites and pollen on the air can all get your allergies rolling. No matter how clean your house is, these allergens can hide in your furniture, curtains and flooring. Luckily, with a Daikin split system, the air inside your home can be purified.

Especially designed to counteract these triggers, Daikin’s split systems and air purifiers have been endorsed by the National Asthma Foundation, so you know you can have faith that the product does what they say it does…. :)  With specially designed filters, the filters not only trap most microscopic airborne particles, they assist to decompose odours and absorb and deactivate bacteria and viruses.

So if you suffer from Spring time allergies, consider getting a Daikin split system or air purifier in your home. 

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