Basic Zone Control vs Smart Zone Control

June 8, 2022
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If you’ve been considering getting ducted aircon in your home, you’ve most likely been researching the different brands, types of zone controllers and functions. After all ducted air conditioning is a major investment for your home. There is much to consider when deciding to get a ducted air conditioner installed. How many zones? Where will the outlets be? What type of zone controller do I want? Basic Zone control or a Smart Zone Control? What does that EVEN mean?

Luckily for you, the experts at The Cool Shop can not only answer all your ducted aircon questions, but we can design, install and advise you on the best and most efficient ducted air conditioning system for you home.

But first, let’s do a quick rundown on how ducted air conditioning actually works….

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How does ducted air conditioning work?

A ducted air conditioner consists of two units—an indoor unit typically installed in the ceiling, and an outdoor unit. The two units work together to perform a refrigeration cycle, with conditioned air circulated and delivered via a series of ducts and vents. It’s usually the ideal system for larger buildings, due to its efficiency and ease of control.

Ducted air conditioners create cool airflow through your home from a compressor condensing unit that sits outside of your house, attached to an inside fan coil unit, found inside the roof cavity of your home.

Ductwork runs through the residence and delivers the cool air via a group of outlets in each zone. Nowadays, ducted air conditioners are also commonly called ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning units, this is because they also warm your home during the cooler winter months.

Fans in the AC system draw air from inside the rooms into the central air control unit for cooling or warming. They then blow conditioned air back into the living spaces through the ductwork and vents, keeping your home or premises comfortable.

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Why do you need a ducted air conditioning system? 

Several reasons make a ducted air conditioning system a superior choice.

Efficient and affordable air conditioning for large homes or workspaces 

A ducted AC – also called a reverse cycle air conditioner – is ideal for large homes with several rooms. If your house has more than three bedrooms, a ducted system is likely the most efficient way to regulate your temperatures and keep your home comfortable.

You will need just a single unit instead of buying several split systems for each room in your home.

The system of ducts and vents means that the single AC system can sufficiently regulate the temperatures in each room in your home. All you may need are multiple thermostats for the various sections to receive conditioned air.

It allows for zone control. 

A ducted AC lets you set up your system into various zones and control them each independently. For example, this option lets you use the AC only for occupied rooms or specific areas of your home that require air conditioning.

As a result, you have complete control, minimize wastage, and save on your energy bills.

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What is Basic Zone Control?

Basic zone control allows for up to 6 zones in your home. The Daikin Ducted systems come with the wall controller Nav Easy and we use the Zone 6 -basic controller from Advantage Air. With the basic zone control system, you can turn each zone on and off. If you set the temperature for the main unit it will be the same temperature in each of the zones, including your constant zone, which is usually located as close the the return air grille as possible.

The constant Zone is a zone(area) that is always supplied air while the system is running. The purpose of the Constant is twofold. It mixes cool air (or hot air) into the air being returned to the indoor unit. The temperature sensor is in the return air. This sensor controls the amount of cooling or heating of the air flowing through the system. The constant also acts as a spill zone. e.g.if only one bedroom(zone ) is turned on and there is no constant zone the following will occur. The return air will be taking in air from a warm part of the house. The sensor will send a message to make more cold air. The system will try to send all of the air down one duct (because all the other ducts/zones are closed). The system will run at full capacity, yet not supply sufficient air to flow across the coil. This damages the Air Conditioning system and over cools the bedroom that is turned on. The constant zone is a very important part of the ducted air conditioning system design. It is located within a few metres of the return air grill.

basic daikin zone control

So… What is Smart Zone Control then?

The Cool Shop uses Advantage Air’s MY AIR 5  smart zone control system. My Air seamlessly integrates with the Daikin ducted air conditioning system. My Air allows for up to 10 zones and absolute ultimate control over your air conditioning system. Individual temperature sensors in each zone means that the temperature can be adjusted for each zone. For example, if you are watching a movie in the media room and your other family members are in their bedrooms, each rooms temperature settings and air flow can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

My Air 5 works with Google home, Siri and Alexa for those thinking about creating a “smart home”. It comes with a large, easy to use touch screen with internet access. The app is downloaded onto your phone, and you can them control and monitor the air conditioner from anywhere.

We will design, set up and integrate the My Air 5 system for you.

my air 5 smart zone control system


The choice is ultimately yours, depends on your budget and your needs when deciding to get a ducted air conditioner installed. For a complete ducted design and quote give us a call or use our quote form.